Silver strainer
Artist/Maker: Ivan Khlebnikov
Artist/Maker Dates: 1869 - 1918
Place and Date of Production: Russia, Moscow, 1908 - 1918
Materials, technic: silver 84*, casting, gilding
Dimensions: length - 15 cm.
Weight: 40 gr.

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Khlebnikov Ivan Petrovich (1819-1881) — Moscow merchant of the 1st order, worked in St. Petersburg till 1867, in 1869/1870 founded a jewelry firm in Moscow on the basis of a jewelry business set up in 1840; supplier of grand dukes Konstantin Nikolaievich (since 1872) and Vladimir Alexandrovich (since 1877) and the Imperial Court (since 1881).
After I.P. Khlebnikov's death, the business was carried on by his sons: Mikhail, Alexei, Nikolai and Vladimir (they were taken in since 1879). According to the information of 1882 there were 200 workers at the factory, annual turnover was 300,000 roubles, the factory manufactured appr. 500 poods of silverware, 10 poods of gold items, diamonds and gems for 600,000 roubles. Their two shops — in Moscow and Petersburg (since 1877 it was situated in the building of the Records bank in Nevsky pr.) offered all kinds of silver, gold and jeweled items, pearls and watches at different prices. In 1898 the Moscow factory was situated at the following address: Shvivaya gorka, its own building, and the shops — Kuznetsky Most, Solodnikov's house and Ilyinka, Novgorodskoye town-residence.The firm always took part in All Russia and international Exhibitions (1875 — Mitava, 1876 —Philadelphia, 1878 and 1879 — Paris, 1882 — Moscow, 1883 — Nice, 1884 — Riga, etc.). In 1918 the firm stopped its work, the factory on Shvivava gorka was nationalized and renamed for the Moscow Platinum Works.