Silver milk jug in classical style
Silver spoon with gilding for tea-powdered sugar
Antique silver mounted cut glass
Crystal bowl with silver
Glass vase for flowers with silver
Silver set of two items for a cake
Crystal carafe with silver 
Silver tea and coffee set of 3 items
A pair of glass carafes with silver
Couple of silver candlesticks on one candle
Glass Beer Mug with silver
A Set of eleven silver tea spoons "Classic style"
Crystal bowl with silver
Silver utensils for eating in a monastery
Silver Interieur Cup
Electric bell with silver and enamel on a stone
Set of the silver soup spoons and plugs, shovel for a pie
Silver salt
A Russian silver purse
Large crystal  vase for fruits with silver
Wooden salad spoons with enamel handles
Silver knife for a pie
Set of silverware
Silver set of two items for a cake
Crystal inkwell with silver
Silver cigarette-case
Crystal Interior Vase 
Silver coffee service of 4 objects