Silver bowl with handle "Chinese-style"
Silver coffee service of 4 objects
Silver coffee service of 4 objects
Silver mug with lettering "The 60th anniversary of Chicago, latvi...
Silver teaspoon  decorated with enamel
Set of six silver teaspoons "Classical style"
Silver support for a big porcelain Easter egg
Round silver soup tureen
Silver pillbox with enamels
Glass vase with silver for candies
Set for table layout  for vinegar, oil with glass small bottles
Silver candlestick on 3 candles
Silver Vase for bread and crackers "Modern style"
A little silver vase
Silver candlesticks on one candle
Silver card holder 950 *
Silver ashtray
Silver teaspoons with enamel
Silver milk jug in classical style
Silver spoon with gilding for tea-powdered sugar
Antique silver mounted cut glass
Crystal bowl with silver
Glass vase for flowers with silver
Silver set of two items for a cake
Crystal carafe with silver 
Silver tea and coffee set of 3 items
A pair of glass carafes with silver
Couple of silver candlesticks on one candle
Glass Beer Mug with silver
A Set of eleven silver tea spoons "Classic style"
Crystal bowl with silver
Silver utensils for eating in a monastery
Silver Interieur Cup
Electric bell with silver and enamel on a stone
Set of the silver soup spoons and plugs, shovel for a pie
Silver salt