Silver compact with guilloche enamel
Silver cigarette case with guilloche enamel
Silver spoons for salad
Set of 12 silver spoons with enamel
Crystal vase with silver
Set of 24 table and dessert knives
Silver tongs for sugar
Silver serving set
Silver set for serving fish
A pair of silver candy dishes
Small silver tray
Silver set for vinegar and oil
Silver award cup
Chinese silver box
Silver liqueur serving set
Silver strainer
Silver spoon for sauce
Silver dish
Silver strainer
Big cooler for champagne
Silver dish for сandies
Silver cigarette case
Silver spoon for sugar
Silver dessert fork
Silver dish
Silver meat carving set "Bremer Lilie"
Silver napkin ring
Silver dessert spoon
Set of 4 coffee silver spoons
Silver candy bowl
Silver purse
Silver casket
Silver napkin ring
Set for vinegar and oil
Silver tablespoon
Silver dagger "Kubachi"