Silver dish
Big silver spoon
Silver strainer
Big cooler for champagne
Silver dish for сandies
Silver cigarette case
Silver candlestick
Silver spoon for sugar
Silver dessert fork
Silver dish
Silver meat carving set "Bremer Lilie"
Silver napkin ring
Silver dessert spoon
Set of 4 coffee silver spoons
Silver candy bowl
Silver purse
Silver wine glass
Silver casket
Silver spoons for salad
Silver napkin ring
Silver-plated toast rack
Set for vinegar and oil
Set of 6 table silver spoons
Two silver tablespoons
Silver tablespoon
Silver dagger "Kubachi"
Set of 6 silver teaspoons
Silver shot glass with engraved floral ornament
Silver dessert set
Glass with silver vase for fruits
Silver Stationery Set
Silver-plated tray in Art Nouveau style
A pair of crystal with silver salad bowls
Silver travelling toilet set
Crystal with silver decanter for wine
Silver decanter for wine