Porcelain figure "Children with pigeons"
Artist/Maker: Riga porcelain-faience factory
Place and Date of Production: Latvia, Riga, 1948-70
Materials, technic: porcelain, underglaze painting, gilding
Dimensions: height - 12 cm

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Production unites two factories. The first one was founded in 1841 (1843) in Dreylingsbush (Dreylini) near Riga by S.T. Kuznetsov. In 1864 it was handed down to M.S. Kuznetsov, and then to N.M. Kuznetsov. During the period between 1915 and 1920 it did not work in connection with the war. It was opened in 1920. In 1940 it is nationalized and renamed as the Riga Ceramic Factory. It did not work during the years of World War II. Production was restarted in 1946 and renamed into the Riga Porcelain and Faience factory. The second factory was founded in 1886 in Milgrabene by Y.K. Essen. Since 1921 it became the branch of N.M. Kuznetsov's factory. In 1940 it was nationalized. In 1963 two productions were united, and in 1968 it was called Riga Porcelain factory, now Latelektrokeramika.