Porcelain figure "Lady with muff"
Artist/Maker: Rosenthal, sculptor Constantin Holzer-Defanti
Artist/Maker Dates: 1879 - present
Place and Date of Production: Germany, 1920s
Materials, technic: porcelain, underglaze painting
Dimensions: height - 29,5 cm.
Style: Art Deco
Model Nr.: K 53

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Original sculpture by Konstantin Holzer-Dephanti "Lady with Muff" based on sketches by Walter Schnackenberg.

"Venice Carnival" - one of the dances of the play "Masquerade" in the Munich New Theater. Performed by the favorite C.Holzer-Defanti, the dancer Lo Hesse, as one of the most mysterious masks of the carnival, the mask of Volto Batte. The figure of a lady dressed in a winter Venetian costume seems rather static. Dark brown color of the costume and muff-covered hands emphasize the dampness and coldness during the Venetian carnivals. One of the first figures made by the sculptor for Rosenthal. ”