Porcelain composition "Lady with Pierrot"
Artist/Maker: "Royal Dux" Boheme
Artist/Maker Dates: 1853 - present
Place and Date of Production: Boheme, Duchcov, 1920 - 1930s
Materials, technic: porcelain, underglaze painting, gilding
Dimensions: height - 30 cm.
Style: Art Deco
Model Nr.: 3120/I

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Royal Dux Porcelain has been produced since 1853, in the small town of Duchcov, located about two hours to the North West of Prague, the capital city of the recently formed Czech Republic. From 1918 until December 31st 1992 the country was known as Czechoslovakia, situated behind the so called "Iron Curtain" from 1948 till 1990. As the Berlin Wall crumbled so did the hard line communist government in Czechoslovakia. The "Velvet Revolution" (so called because of its lack of blood-shed and violence) began in November 1989, in the streets of Prague, initiated by students, but supported by the entire country. In January of 1990 Vaclav Havel (the famous dissident writer) was elected president of a free Czechoslovakia. However, in the winter of 1992 the Czech and Slovak factions decided to split and form two separate countries, The Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. This split has become known as the "Velvet Divorce".