Porcelain coffee cup and saucer
Artist/Maker: Porzellanfabrik Beyer & Bock
Artist/Maker Dates: 1890 - 1960
Place and Date of Production: Germany, 1905 - 1931
Materials, technic: porcelain, decal
Dimensions: height of the cup - 5 cm; diameter of saucer - 13 cm

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Ferdinand Beyer and Theodor Bock since 1853 ran a porcelain painting workshop in Volkstedt, Thuringia. This initially small business was growing rapidly. Already in 1869, Beyer introduced his son Alfred into the company. Relations between partners became even closer when Alfred Beyer married Theodor Bock's daughter.

The porcelain factory was founded in 1890. Already in 1903, employment reached 230 people. In 1908, Alfred's son Max Beyer became one of the shareholders.

Beyer & Bock's production has been known for its high quality. Porcelain from this factory came to Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Italy, England and North and South America.

In 1926 Alfred Beyer died. The company continued production until the end of 1960, when it was nationalized.