Porcelain figure "Monkey looking at tortoise"
Artist/Maker: Bing & Grøndahl (B&G)
Artist/Maker Dates: 1853 - 1987
Place and Date of Production: Denmark, Copenhagen, 1915-1947
Materials, technic: porcelain, underglaze painting
Dimensions: height - 13 cm
Model Nr.: 1510

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The famous Danish porcelain factory Bing and Grondahl (founded in 1853). The main scenic decor Scandinavian ceramics chosen underglaze paint "high fire" (ie, paints, which are high-temperature firing in 1300 1400°C). With these colors on porcelain products appeared thin, slightly blurry images for the artistic aspirations of modernity. So a new - "Copenhagen" style, quickly became widespread Scandinavian masters brought international fame. The factory was the second most important and popular among Danish factories and occupied one of the leading manufactures of porcelain in Europe. In 1987, there was a takeover by B & G Royal Copengagen. Thus the object of this company is of particular value because These products are no longer available.