Painting "Night Daugava"
Artist/Maker: Matvejevs Georgs
Artist/Maker Dates: 1910 - 1966
Place and Date of Production: Latvia, middle of 20th century
Materials, technic: paper, watercolor, tempera
Dimensions: 26 х 35 cm

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Latvian painter of Russian origin. Was married to sculptor Elza Matvejeva-Svalbe. Studied at J. Tilbergs studio in Riga, Art Academy in Brussels, the Louvre art school in Paris. Participated in exhibitions in Riga from 1930 (exhibitions of Russian artists). Actively involved in the life of Latvian art after the World War II. Art Union member since 1951.

A very broad range of artist, a good draftsman, colorist. Georgs Matvejevs by professionals is called as master of the Night and the Night-time city. In many of his urban landscapes central character is Paris, which shines at night, and so provide an excellent opportunity to show their sympathy to impressionists. Known and popular in the art environment was as an imitator, copier of outstanding Russian and Latvian artists. G. Matvejevs also was known as the writer who created a literary society.