Painting "Roses"
Artist/Maker: Grotuss Hugo Kārlis
Artist/Maker Dates: 1884 - 1951
Place and Date of Production: Latvia, 1942
Materials, technic: canvas, cardboard, oil
Dimensions: 46 х 61 cm

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Grotuss Hugo Kārlis studied at the studio of J. Madernieks and in the Central Technical Drawing school of Stiglitch in St. Petersburg.

Grotus worked as a drawing teacher at the St. Petersburg schools and was a director at Suvalov’s – Ozerku gymnasium.
In 1920 he returned to Latvia.
He was a member of Independent Artist’s Union, also took part in directory work and took part in the exhibitions of the union (1921. –1934)
1984. – The memory exhibition.
He worked as a teacher at Riga’s 25. first school.
His painting manner was realistic with decorative stylization, especially at landscapes.
Grotuss was a very creative artist (approximately 2000 works)