Still life with tulips
Artist/Maker: Augusts Zauers
Artist/Maker Dates: 1888 - 1981
Place and Date of Production: Latvia, 1954
Materials, technic: oil on canvas
Dimensions: 70 х 75 cm.

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Augusts Zauers was the painter and the teacher. He finished school in Valgundes, in 1907-1910 he visited J.Rosental's studio and studied at Murmansk evening high school; in 1913 he finished the Riga city school of arts, V.Purvish, J.Rozental and B.Borgert. In 1915 he arrived in Moscow and worked at part-time job. In 1918-1920 he studied art workshops of the Moscow university, I.Mashkov. In 1920 he moved to Tashkent, he worked as the teacher at Tashkent school of arts and later in 1920-1921 he administered the Tashkent central workshop of arts. In 1921 he returned to Riga and till 1948 he worked as the teacher. He also administered over the studio. He had taken part in exhibitions since 1950. He painted portraits.