Watercolor "The harlequin with a mandoline"
Picture "Stuck Wagon"
Painting "Temple of Jupiter in Baalbek"
Picture "Temple of Jupiter" in Baalbek (Lebanon)
The painting "Children of the brook"
Picture "Ukrainian Landscape"
Portrait "Girl with flowers"
Picture "Landscape with Cows at the River"
Picture "City Landscape"
Picture "Landscape"
Lithographic propaganda poster  
Painting "Winter Landscape"
Linoleum engraving "Daugava next to Olinkalns"
V.O.Roskin (1896-1984) "Three masks" (1866), Russia
A Sketch of the scene for a theater performance of "Mother" (by M...
Linoleum engraving "Forest road"
The painting "Two Boats" Igor Popov (1927 - 1999) Russia, 1961
Averin A.N. Born in 1952 Russia
Europ. school "The river Channel" end 19-beg.20gs.
F. Kriger "Lady's Portrait " (1930), Russia
L.Zelmenis, Latvia, 1964
"Still Life", signed M.K. (1916), Russia, Vitebsk
Lebedev A.I. (1830-1898), Russia, St. Peterburg
"Portrait of the nude from the back" Jean Jannel (1894-?). 1920-3...
N.I.Nesterov "City landscape" Russia
J. Ziemele "Shventoya" 1972 Latvia
"In the garden" Nikolai Vasilievich Orlov 1863-1924 Russia 1897.
Linoleum engraving "Fishermen"
Linocut "Dome Cathedral"
"The Bathing" 1915y. Alexander Apsit (Apsitis) 1880 - 1944 Latvia...
"Seascape". Svarog V.S. (1883-1948). Russia.
"Samovar" painter K.Fuss Austria, 1920 year
"Springtime in the town". LINDE Nikolajs (1904 - 1980).  Latvia.
"Dream" unknown autor Marc Shagal's school, the beg. of the 20th ...