Agitational lithographic poster
Painting "Nude in the chair"
Painting "Bridge in Mazsalaca"
Painting "Talsi - Small town"
Painting "Tukums"
Painting "River in spring"
Painting "Cumulus"
Painting "Venice"
Map of Ingermanland (Leningrad region)
Painting "Mountain Landscape"
Painting "View from my window, almond bush"
Painting "Happy family"
Painting "Duck hunting"
Painting "Still life"
French engravings of the 18th century
Watercolor painting
Painting "Girl with a bouquet of flowers"
Painting "Still life"
Picture "Still life with vessels"
Graphics portrait of man with glass of wine
Painting "Sunflowers in a Vase"
A Costume design for a theater perfomance "Lives a guy"
A. Garkusha "Autumn"
Watercolor picture "Soldier" (Old copy)
Landscape Jaunarājs Oļģerts (1907-2003)
Picture "Pierrot with a mandala"
Picture "Fisherman"
Picture "Nude"
Lithographic propaganda poster
Picture "Sunny Day"
Picture "The junkman"
Picture "Orchid"
Painting ''At the crossroads carved wooden column with an icon"
Painting "Winter Landscape"
Painting "Landscape of the river"
Picture "Spring"