New items
Silver toilet set
A pair of Art Deco perfume bottles
Bronze mantel clock
Badge "Alpinist of USSR, 1st class"
Medal "Participant in liquidation of the Chernobyl NPP accident c...
Badge "85-th anniversary of Criminal Investigation of South-Easte...
Badge "Young naturalist of the USSR"
Badge "Donor of the USSR"
Badge "Be ready for sanitary defense of the USSR"
Badge "Excellence in military construction"
Medal "The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition/ To the participant ...
Medal "The All-Union Agricultural Exhibition/ For successes in so...
Badge "For excellence in Aeroflot"
Medal "Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy / For M...
Medal of Zhukov
Medal "300 Years of the Russian Navy"
Medal "40-th anniversary of the USSR Armed Forces"
Medal "In commemoration of the 800-th anniversary"
Medal "For victory over Germany in the Great Patriotic war of 194...
Medal "For distinguished labour in the Great Patriotic war of 194...
Medal "30-th anniversary of Soviet Army and Navy"
Badge "11th Dobele infantry regiment"
Badge "Excellent worker of national economy council of Latvian SS...
Icon "The first finding of John the Baptist's head"
Porcelain pair "Folk dance"
Icon "The Miracle of St. George and the dragon"
Painting "Night Daugava"
Table lamp in Art Nouveau style
Porcelain pair "Doves"
Porcelain tea cup with two saucers
Italian Micro-Mosaic on agate (Vatican)
Silver set for canapes
Silver set for canapes
Porcelain figure "Je les enflamme"
Porcelain figure "Putti with saltcellar"
Porcelain figure "Yakut girl with a flower"