Crystal vase
Artist/Maker: Louis Leloup
Artist/Maker Dates: 1929 - present
Place and Date of Production: Belgium, second half of 20th century
Materials, technic: crystal
Dimensions: height - 25 cm.

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Louis leloup was born in Searing in 1929. Very young, he got interested in art in general, including music, singing, plastic arts and glass carving. He had dreamt of becoming an opera singer for a long time. He became a catcher of light. Like a captive soul, it is poetry that is emprisoned in Louis Leloup’s pieces. He expressed his verses through glass.

He started his career when he was 18 in the workshops of the Cristalleries du Val st lambert, which got closed and opened again. He would stay there from his schoolbackground as a student to become an expert as a master glazier and then an artist. More than twenty years of glass blowing, inventions, creations, innovations. He tried all the aspects of glass carving from household glassware or decorative articles to monumental works.