Bronze set from 3 objects stylized mythological character
A Paper-weights with a dark green stone and bronze
A pair of bronze and marble "Empire" candlesticks
"Little Boy" mantel clock
A bronze bust of "Rossini"
A bronze bust "Diana" on a marble pedestal
Bronze figure "Bust of a Lady"
Bronze set  "Lapis" of  three items (watch and two pair of lamp) ...
Bronze candlesticks on legs
Bronze fireplace accessories
Bronze clock with sculpture "Lady  in the casket "
Mantel Clock style Boules Mahogany overlaid with a turtle and dec...
Bronze figure of "Sapho"
Bronze Inkwell
Press for a Paper
Bronze figure "Bust of a Lady"
Bronze figure "Rescue from the snake"
Bronze mantel Clock "Warwick Vase"
Bronze figure of "Diana" on a marble pedestal
Clock in a wooden case with mahogany bronze