Bronze figure "Hermes"
Bronze candlestick
Lamp in Art Nouveau style "Gingko Biloba"
Bronze bust of a young lady in a Louis XV era costume
Bronze mantel clock and a pair of candlesticks for one candle
Gold pocket watch "Jaeger-LeCoultre"
Gold ladies watch with diamonds "Rolex Datejust"
Bronze figure "Roman warrior (Le Courage Militaire)"
Bronze mantel clock
Gold pocket watch "Vesta"
Travel clock with repeater and alarm clock
Gold pocket watch "Levrette"
Gold pocket watch "Mermod Freres"
Gold pocket watch "Henry"
Silver pocket watch "Pegasus"
Bronze figure
Bronze clock from tortoise shell with bronze elements
A pair of bronze candlesticks and bronze clock
Bronze fireplace accessories
Large onyx mantel clock with bronze
Bronze figure of "Diana" on a marble pedestal
Two decorative vases in Art Nouveau style
Decorative marble vase with bronze elements
Bronze figure
Bronze mantel clock
"Gilded bronze vase in the form of bowls on 4 paws"
A pair of bronze candlesticks
The bronze figure "Sleeping Lion"
French bronze chandeliers
French Gilt Bronze Figural Mantel Clock
Bronze panel
Bronze figure "Sapho"
"A pair of bronze candlesticks"
"Louis XV Style" Mirror
A Pair of Bronze vases,  elegant shape in the Greek style
Bronze set from 3 objects stylized mythological character