Porcelain vase potpourri
Porcelain butter dish
Porcelain bonbonniere
Two porcelain bonbonnieres
Porcelain vase with flowers
Two porcelain vases with flowers
Porcelain vase with flowers
Porcelain figure "Seated girl sleeping"
Porcelain figure "Putti with a kettle on stove depicting Fire"
Porcelain figure "Putti digging with a spade depicting earth"
Porcelain figure "Boy with a shovel"
Porcelain figure "Two putti depicting Music"
Porcelain figure "Cupid at grindstone sharpening an arrow"
Porcelain figure "Cupid with bellows firing two hearts"
Porcelain figure "Cupid pressing hearts together"
Porcelain coffee cup and saucer
Porcelain coffee cup and saucer
Porcelain figure "Butterfly"
A pair of decorative vases with bronze elements and painting "Bir...
Large porcelain vase with handles in the Art Nouveau style
Porcelain figure "Two putti hugging and kissing"
Porcelain dish "Sea Shell"
Porcelain figure "Two birds of prey"
Porcelain coffee cup and saucer
Porcelain coffee cup and saucer
Chinese porcelain bowl (Altar bowl)
Chinese porcelain vase (Famille Rose)
Porcelain pots for flowers
Biscuit sculpture "Game"
Porcelain vase "Flowers"
Porcelain vase with flowers
A pair Hand Painted Delft Blue Ginger Jar / Urn Lidded Vases
Capodimonti porcelain figure signed by M. Alparone "Antique deal...
Porcelain pot for flowers
Porcelain coffee set
Porcelain figure "Pierrot with guitar and poodle"